What can I expect from the rental process?

  1. Visit our Rent Storage page for unit availability and pricing or call our customer service staff at (508) 434-1100.

  2. When you have decided on your unit size and type click the “Rent Storage” button below. Next, select your unit and click the “Rent Now” button.

  3. You will be prompted to fill out your contact, personal, and account login information. It is important to remember the username and password you use for your login details as you will need it to pay your bill and manage your unit. When you’ve finished filling out the form click the orange “Create Account and Log in” button at the bottom of the page.

  4. You will be asked to confirm that your information is correct and to sign your rental agreement. Once signed you will receive a confirmation and a code for the entry gate.

  5. Purchase a secure lock for your unit and begin your plan to move in!

How long of a lease will I need to sign? Will there be a contract?

All of our leases run on a month to month basis. A lease is required and your signature will be requested upon completing the online checkout process. To cancel your lease simply log into your account online and request a move out. You can also send an email to info@charltonstorage.com with you name, unit number and move out date you would like to request. Keep in mind all of our move-outs will be processed on the last day of the month in which you would like to move out.

Do I need my own lock? Do you have locks available for sale on site?

Locks are required for every storage unit. Keep in mind this is the best way to keep you items secure. We do have disc padlocks available for purchase upon request in our office or you can bring your own.

What documentation will I need to rent a storage unit?

To complete the unit rental process you will simply need a valid form of ID and payment.

Is storage insurance required? Do you offer storage insurance as a service?

We do not require storage insurance to rent a unit. If you would like to purchase insurance please contact your insurance agent as this can usually be added to an existing homeowners policy or on its own through a third party.

What happens if I’m late in making a payment?

We understand that late payments can happen. One day after a missed payment you will receive a friendly reminder that you have missed your billing date. After seven days without payment, you will be charged a $10 late fee and will be locked out of your unit until payment is made.

If 15 days pass without payment we will begin processing the lien. When 45 days have passed without payment we cut the locks and the unit goes to auction.

What happens to my belongings if my account becomes delinquent?

Units under a delinquent account go up for auction. You have until the auction date on your letter to pay any past due balance and stop the auction process.

How much notice do I need to give before moving out?

You must cancel your unit through your online account or in writing (email or written notice) before your next billing period to avoid paying additional rent (14 day notice is greatly appreciated). All leases run to the end of the month and move-outs will be finalized on the last day of the month. Keep in mind that if you are not moved out by the last day of the month you will be charged for the next full month and will have to reschedule your move out.

How do I pay my bill?

You can easily pay your bill through our secure online checkout 24/7. You can also make your payment by phone or in person during customer service hours.

Can I rent a unit over the phone? In person? Online?

You can easily browse, select, and rent a storage unit through our secure, easy to use online checkout service. You may also rent in-person at our main office during normal business hours (please call in advance to confirm someone is available). We are unable to take rental information over the phone at this time.

Do you hold auctions on abandoned units?

Yes, units belonging to delinquent accounts go up for auction after 45 days without payment. We post all of our auctions through storageauctionsolutions.com you can view and bid on them there.

Do you have moving carts available?

Yes, we have moving carts available for building E (temperature control) customers. They are located in the hallway.

Can I tour the units before choosing?

Yes, if you are interested in showings please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Do you have temperature controlled units? What sizes are available?

We do offer the option of temperature control units. Units come in 5 x 10, 10 x 10, 10 x 15, 10 x 20, and 10 x 25. You can visit our Rent Storage page to view the unit sizes and reserve yours today.

Do you offer vehicle storage? What types of vehicles?

We have many drive-up units that will fit a vehicle depending on the type and size. We do not offer outside storage.